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Clinical page offer clinical profile creation, search, daily pulse, sharing clinical page, and other learning modules for continuous professional development.


• Create your web presence.

• Create individual and organizational web profiles.

• Organize, update and share your clinical page with peers.

• Synapse with other members and Send and receive messages.

• Download CV as PDF and share with other members.

• Publish and share the clinical page link or embed in your existing site.


• Search and connect with your peers on the web.

• Search by profession, location, specialty and organization type, such as doctors, hospitals, and nurses, city, and specialty type.


• keeps you up-to-date on daily activities in Clinical page.

• updates daily announcements, invitations and daily poll.

• Keeps finger on Daily pulse of members 's activities.

• Manages personal networking via my dendrites.

Clinical Knowledge Management


Build, organize, and update your personalized clinical knowledge repository.
Capture learning pearls.
Share your individual expertise in web based repository.
Publish your clinical insights (pearls) in an online clinical repository.


Capture and organize daily point of care related Clinical queries generated during each patient encounter.
Ask a query from our panel of experts or answer yourself.
Track personal knowledge needs and gaps identified at the point of care.
Clinical Query tool is a true reflective Medical Education.


Practice based learning tool to document, organize and track records of daily clinical encounters of unique and interesting patients.
Track practice profile outcomes by different variables.
Identify personal and practice based learning knowledge and learning needs.
Publish unique clinical case reports.
Assess and measure clinical outcomes by patient specific clinical metrics.
Improve clinical performance for a better patient care.


Learn skills of Evidence based medicine with web based application.
Organize, store, and critically appraise literature articles.
Teaching tool(s) to enhance literature appraisal skills among all professionals.
Appraise articles critically by study type (RCT, Cohort) and query type (therapy, diagnosis)
Competence measuring tool in Evidence based medicine skills among professionals

CME organizer provides a secure web folder with alerts to organize and track the various CME activities, credentials and certifications required for most healthcare professionals including physicians, clinicians, nurses and other health care professionals.
CME and credentials can also be shared.


Store organize, share your credentials via web based application
Send and receive credentials
Receive automatic alerts before credentials expiration date


Secure CME organizer to organize, track, and save various CME activities
Share all CME activities with employers via one secure link.
Built in State Licensure CME compliance tracker.
Send and receive all CME certificates in relevant folders automatically.
Receive CME certifications directly in your CME inbox from CME providers.


Store, organize and share your documents via secure web storage space
Share and receive large files via share drive
Document version history and comments